Huge thank you to everyone to reached out to your representatives, attended town halls, knocked doors and handed out flyers, or just chatted with a neighbor. The city has decided to not move forward with the site at 5500 E. Yale. The official notice from the Mayor’s office is below.

a letter from the president of the university of california, berkeley
this 5500 yelp ave has a scale of 10,000 feet
a map showing the number of vehicle accidents in the last 5 years

From Denver’s own assessment of the Yale corridor there are safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists along the site. The neighbors are concerned that the pedestrian crash rate would sharply increase. Read the full report here.

here are two schools less than 1000 feet away
county lines between denver and arapahoe cause increased emergency response time
put all together and this site doesn't make sense

On August 24th Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced the potential locations for short term housing to tackle Denver’s homelessness crisis.

The plan calls for building of 100 pallet shelters in a micro-community to help folks into services and a more permanent living arrangement off of the streets.

It is an admirable goal, however the district 4 location at 5500 E. Yale Ave is on the edge of a section of unincorporated Arapahoe county. Just a stones throw away you will find two schools, single family homes with many small children, apartments for the elderly, and a street with a very high accident rate.

The concern is that the micro-community will lead to an increase in vehicle on pedestrian accidents, drug dealing, open air drug use, theft, and other crime and safety issues in the neighborhood.

a row of white portable restrooms in a parking lot

What can you do?

We are raising funds to take legal action.